STC partners DVLA to establish testing Centre
The Intercity State Transport Company Limited (STC) is to collaborate with the DriverDriver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to establish a new vehicle testing and examination centre within its yard in Accra.
Gov't hands over affordable housing projects to SSNIT
Government has officially handed over the uncompleted affordable housing projects, including those at Borteman to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) for completion.
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9 Bed Room
Location: Atomic Accra
Price: 1.2 million USD
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4 Bed Room-Upstairs and a study Downstairs
Location: John Tyre Hills
Price: $250.000
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Location: East Legon
Price: $420,000
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INDABA 2014: tourism marketing event promises great opportunities for investors, exhibitors
INDABA, one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar kick starts on May 10 to 12, 2014 in South Africa.
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Property restoration is your property life span assurance
RESTORATION of a property means to renovate. So that, parts of the property that have worn out from its originality is replaced, patched and maintained for all time beauty and admiration. Restoration is done to prolong the life span of our homes and other properties.
Legal Compliance in the Real Estate Industry: Landlord-Tenant Rancor
In general, it is fairly easy to identify your legal rights as a tenant and what you can request in terms of contract terms. You then check the lease agreement thoroughly or have it checked over by a local legal professional so that you know exactly what you are signing.
Robert Peston digs to find out Almost everything one wants to know about Barclays £12.8bn capital gap
For unashamed wonks (that's me, in case you wondered), there's lots of gripping stuff in today's announcement that the Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority is forcing Barclays to fill a "gap" in its capital resources of £12.8bn.
African Infrastructure and Real Estate: its correlation to Good Governance and why it must be a benchmark for development
Infrastructure-based economic development also called infrastructure-driven development combines key policy characteristics inherited from the Rooseveltian progessivist tradition and Neo-Keynesian economics in the United States, France's Gaullist and Neo-Colbertist centralized economic planning, Scandinavian social democracy as well as Singaporean and Chinese state capitalism :
Gas supply from Nigeria improves
Gas supply from Nigeria has picked up from a low of 50million to 100million standard cubic feet per day, inching closer to the 120million contractual volume, Mr. Kofi Ellis, Director, Planning & Business Development at the VRA, has said.
What can replace cement in the Real Estate Industry in Africa and why the top 5 producers need to think otherwise
On the road to investing in Africa, a smooth ride depends upon avoiding the potholes. For a continent with the fastest population growth and persistent needs for housing and infrastructure, cement production may be a concrete investment.
We met with Kelvin Kwaku Boateng to delve into the business of housing data. Why is Kelvin so passionate about collecting data to serve his country? Not only is he  thinking like a Ghanaian but an African as well. Godwin spoke to Kelvin, Now the encounter...........
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