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Church founder accidentally shoots friend

The Adentan Police are trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the shooting of a man at Kporkpo, near Abokobi, last Thursday afternoon.

The deceased, Fred Lokko Junior, 30, was in the company of his cousin, Fred Lokko Senior, when he was accidentally shot by Ebenezer Lamptey, when the three visited a family land at Kporkpo.

Ghana Gov’ts to be punished for failing to implement 40-yr dev’t plan

The National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) is allaying public skepticism that an unprecedented 40-year development plan being put together will go the way of several others which failed because it had no binding effect on successive governments.

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SAA, Ecobank launch Voyager Credit Cards

South African Airways (SAA) and Ecobank have launched a new co-branded SAA Voyager Gold and Platinum MasterCard Credit Card in response to existing demand by consumers.

SNV introduces Carport Solar energy for industries

The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), an international non-governmental organization, has launched a new solar systems, Photo Voltaid (PV) to help industries in Ghana.

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9 Bed Room
Location: Atomic Accra
Price: 1.2 million USD
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4 Bed Room-Upstairs and a study Downstairs
Location: John Tyre Hills
Price: $250.000
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Location: East Legon
Price: $420,000
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SA Airways launches direct flights from Accra to Washington

South African Airways (SAA) has launched a new direct flight from Accra to Washington DC beginning August 3, 2015.

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Real Estate Innovation and what developers can lean on.

Builders across the country are increasingly turning to technology to offset the sharp rise in the cost of construction amid a slowdown in sales. New surveys show that real estate workers are some of the most satisfied in the country—and the new technologies paving the way for their success means success for anyone looking to rent, buy, or sell real estate.

Home furnishing In Ghana –The mind Blowers
Furniture is something that every home needs to give it style and comfort. Patio furniture, bedroom furniture and dining room furniture all help to add character and elegance to your home. One of the first things that guests notice when coming to your home is the style and quality of your furniture. Does it look nice? Is your furniture comfortable and relaxing?
Ghana’s Real Estate, Upper Income Bracket
The economy of Ghana, Africa, has a diverse and rich resource base, and as such, has one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa. Ghana is one of the top–ten fastest growing economies in the world, and the fastest growing economy in Africa.
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