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Concerns over recent demolitions in Ghana
There have been several demolitions in Ghana over the years. The most recent was the one at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle where hundreds of shops were razed to the ground. This follows similar crackdowns at Sodom and Gomorrah, Adenta Aviation and Sraha.
Ghana Government water situation
The Government  of Ghana remains committed to pumping significant investment into the country’s utility companies to ensure the delivery of quality and reliable service. A lot has been said about the investments in the energy sector by way of expanding Generation capacity to 5000MW by 2016. Considerable amount of work is also ongoing in transmission and distribution.
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Cheep cement importation reduces sales by 30%
Cement manufacturer, Dangote, says it expects all retailers of their products across the country to reduce the prices by 2cedis 70 pesewas by Friday October 24.
Ghana’s economy to grow at 6.9%
The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has projected that the economy will grow at 6.9 per cent, far from the government’s target of eight per cent set for the close of the year.
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9 Bed Room
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4 Bed Room-Upstairs and a study Downstairs
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Togo and Benin Accuse Ghana of withholding revenue
The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is struggling to hold on to management of Togo and Benin’s airspace as the two countries complain of non receipt of revenue for decades. The authority manages the airspace of the two countries over the Atlantic Ocean and in 2010 alone made over 2 million dollars in air navigation charges.
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Real Estate Innovation and what developers can lean on.

Builders across the country are increasingly turning to technology to offset the sharp rise in the cost of construction amid a slowdown in sales. New surveys show that real estate workers are some of the most satisfied in the country—and the new technologies paving the way for their success means success for anyone looking to rent, buy, or sell real estate.

Home furnishing In Ghana –The mind Blowers
Furniture is something that every home needs to give it style and comfort. Patio furniture, bedroom furniture and dining room furniture all help to add character and elegance to your home. One of the first things that guests notice when coming to your home is the style and quality of your furniture. Does it look nice? Is your furniture comfortable and relaxing?
Ghana’s Real Estate, Upper Income Bracket
The economy of Ghana, Africa, has a diverse and rich resource base, and as such, has one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa. Ghana is one of the top–ten fastest growing economies in the world, and the fastest growing economy in Africa.
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